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 Salsa "Best Practices"

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PostSubject: Salsa "Best Practices"   Salsa "Best Practices" Icon_minitimeTue Nov 21, 2006 1:14 pm

In order to achieve an industry standard in salsa (just kidding), we have put together a list of possible best practices that dancers should adopt to enhance the dancing experience:

*Disclaimer: This is the contribution through my 11 months of dancing and am open to discussion / rebuttals so-on-so-forth


1. Ensure that you ask the lady / gent nicely before bringing your partner to the dance floor. No one likes to be man-handled before even deciding whether you are interested to dance with the person.
2. Ensure you've got minty breath. You are standing quite close to your partner and as much as you want to sweep them off their feet, but not with your breath.
3. If you really, really sweat a lot, bring an extra shirt that you can change into.
4. Escort your partner to the dance floor edge or back to the seat (for guys). For ladies, if you are accepting any dance on the floor, please let your first partner know before joining the new partner.
5. Always THANK your partner, no matter how badly the dance went.
6. Take time to ask those who may not get a dance partner often. It shows that you are unbias on the partners you choose.
7. Watch out for your partner when dancing. The occasional audience or waitress could pose a very big threat and danger.

Do NOT ...

1. Eat garlic laden food before salsa.
2. Leave the dance floor halfway through a song for WHATEVER the reason unless
- your partner is injured and cannot continue the dance
- the floor is so packed that you cannot avoid injuring your partner even just by doing basic
- unless it's a life or death emergency phone call
3. Attempt to teach new moves on the days where the floor is packed. Days with packed dance floors should be kept to just doing social dancing. If you wish to teach your partner a new move, please do it off the dance floor.
4. Take up all the dance floor, be it whether the dance floor is packed. Even if there is a lot of space, making it a habit to dance with big steps would result in you doing the same in the future in a very packed dance floor.

Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias
A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.
Quoted from the movie Strictly Ballroom
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PostSubject: Re: Salsa "Best Practices"   Salsa "Best Practices" Icon_minitimeWed Nov 22, 2006 5:42 pm

Please add one more.

DO NOT FART. If you need to please leave that place and finish the unfinish business before entering.

I hate those silent farters.

Imagine you dance dance so romantic and sweet and suddenly this erotic smell hits you. Disgusting.
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Salsa "Best Practices"
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